2018 International

Silk Painters' Salon

Silk Painters Guild of Montana
the 2018 International
“Silk Painters’ Salon”

Exhibition Dates: December 7th 2018 to January 25th 2019.
Venue: The Loft of Missoula and the Downtown Dance Collective
Opening Reception and Awards: December 7th  5:30pm to 8pm 


Fine Art -       First Place -                   Naila Abar Ghalib                 "Thar Women"

                       Second Place -             Ruth Schwarz McDonald      "What's Over There"

                       Third Place -                 Jennifer Kostyshyn                "Rooster of Barcelos"

                       Honorable Mention -  Christy Lynn Greene                "Spring Medley"

                       Honorable Mention -  Barbara Pease                        "Sunflower"

                       Honorable Mention -  Diane Lawrence                     "Spring Storm"

Wearable -    First Place -                  Jennifer Kostyshyn                 "Barcode Scarf"

                      Second Place -             Naila Abar Ghalib                   "Bird of Paradise Saree"

                      Third Place -                 Christy Lynn Greene               "Greek Tapestry Kimono"

                      Honorable Mention     Colleen Kostyshyn                  "Pretty as a Peacock"

                      Honorable Mention     Andreea Zahn                         "Pomegranate"

                      Honorable Mention     Susan Hansen                         "Lounging"    


Congratulations to not only the award winners, but also to every artist that had the determination to create art and enter it into this show.  You are all to be commended on your art and your effort.

© 2018 by Silk Painters of Montana